Mail Server

Today’s businesses rely heavily on Internet applications for fast, efficient operations. Email is one of the most important communication tools for many businesses and it is vita to keep it running smoothly – don’t lose potential customers over inefficient mail servers.

  • SYS IT Mail Relay Service allows you to send emails via SYS IT mail servers – an ideal solution for customers without their own email servers.
  • SYS IT Mail Transit Service is suitable for customers who own mail servers but would like to clear server resources and ensure smooth delivery/receipt of emails.
  • SYS IT Mail Safe Service scans incoming and outgoing emails for viruses and spam, reducing unnecessary server resource usage and ensures smooth and safe delivery/receipt of emails.

As we know that not all our customers are proficient with IT infrastructure management, our Enterprise Email Server is Managed, which means while our customers focus on using the email and collaboration service, our Engineers are working behind the scene in ensuring that the Email Server is frequently patched and running without any abnormalities. Customers are assigned to their Account Managers who speak the same human language should any technical assistance is required thus we are always ready to help our customers who have zero technical knowledge.

Why Business Choose Mail Server


Dynamical is fully managed by our team of engineers that operate 24 hours a day.


We have designed and protected our email platform with all the security measures available.


We can capture all incoming and outgoing emails and send it to a mailbox of your choice.


99.99% is our uptime guarantee to you. If we don’t achieve this, we will credit you with no questions asked.

SYS IT lets you become your own mail service provider in a few easy steps. It’s sort of like making your own gmail, but one you control from top to bottom.