Email Protection and Filtering

SYS IT Email Protection stops malware and non-malware threats such as impostor email (also known as email fraud). Deployed as a cloud service or on-premises, So it provides granular filtering to control bulk “gray mail” and other unwanted email. And business continuity capabilities keep email communications flowing, even when your email server fails.

Protection against EMAIL FRAUD

Dynamically classify impostor email (email fraud) other threats that don’t involve malware. These low volume, hard-to-detect threats have cost businesses more than $5.3 billion and cannot be detected by solutions that detect only malware. As a result we detect and classify impostor email through a combination of authentication (DMARC), pre-defined rules, and dynamic classification. Our technology actively assesses the reputation of the sender for accurate protection without additional administration overhead. We analyze:

  • Sender-recipient relationship
  • Domain reputation
  • Email headers and envelope attributes
  • Email content

Features and Benefits


Granular filtering and control

Email Protection can control all aspects of inbound and outbound email. Our policy engine gives you complete flexibility. Individual quarantines enable you to separate email types to allow your people to access their email digest and quarantine while keeping malicious emails away. Quarantines include:

  • Spam
  • Bulk
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Low Priority

Email Continuity with SYS IT

Similarly Email downtime can be a significant hit to worker productivity. So if your company email goes down it’s important to have a solution in place that allows workers to continue with their jobs. SYS IT Enterprise Continuity provides instant protection against email outages with automatic fail over and recovery. Users are able to stay connected with Outlook integration, a web portal, or native mobile support.

Above all we offer world-class support, services and training to maximize your investment.