Business Continuity?

Business Continuity – So having a IT disaster recovery plan for your business and services, ensures that your business can continue to operate at acceptable levels with solutions that allow for backup and recovery, off-site data replication and storage.

Disasters do happen, and they happen to anyone at the most unexpected times. The question is: when disasters happen, are you well-prepared and can you recover instantly?

Why do you need disaster recovery?

Floods, fires, power outages, and other catastrophes and disasters can and will happen. Your business cannot afford downtime when hardware fail or natural disasters happen.

With SYS IT, you won’t have to worry about disasters. Whatever your size or budget, we can customize a SYSIT Disaster Recovery package to allow you to bounce right back when disaster strikes, keeping you in business by giving you the ability to resume operations instantly.


Business continuity for every budget

Businesses need to balance costs with adequate protection levels for business-critical systems. Therefore SYS IT solutions offer businesses a cost-saving way to achieve disaster recovery, business continuity, data continuity, and high availability, customized to your needs.

Never Lose Revenue

Redundant disaster recovery facilities take over and become active instantly if your primary servers fail

High Availability

Enjoy 100% availability for your critical systems, including web applications, OSes (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac)

Increased productivity

Ease of deployment, use, and management of disaster recovery facilities