Dedicated Web Hosting

Launching a business-focused website is no simple affair, as you must build your online destination with commerce, search engine optimization, security, and other factors in mind. For a rock-solid website site foundation that can withstand high traffic volumes and let you install your own scripts, however, a dedicated server is an easy choice

Building your website on a shared server means that your pages may be affected by a neighboring site that devours too many server resources. For example, if that site receives a huge spike in traffic, your pages might load slowly—or not at all.

How to choose Best Dedicated Web Hosting

An aspect that has greatly contributed in making dedicated server hosting the most preferable choice to many. With dedicated server hosting, users usually rent a server from the dedicated server hosting provider, which gives the users full accessibility to server resources. Users should factor in the following aspects when in the process of identifying the ideal dedicated server:

1. Hardware

Ultimately you need to compare offering by processor class, CPU speed, amount of RAM, and HDD type. Your dedicated server will always have limited I/O on the machine. It is very common that the bottleneck is the type of the HDDs you use. SSD gives you about 20x read/write speed than server class SATA drives, so the most cost effective model today is have SSD for the database and SATA for static data storage like your images, videos, and backups

2. Bandwidth

It is outright that websites that serve great number of visitors require higher bandwidth as compared to the ones that serve a smaller number of persons. Most of all, a large bandwidth capacity is needed in the event the user intends to stream media files on the website, high quality images, or database data travel between multiple servers that are associated with intense database usage.

3. Control Panels & Software

SYS IT is capable of providing not only a clean panel but also a functional interface. cPanel is known as the end user name, but for to manage your server accounts and the server itself you’d use Web Host Manager (WHM). The aforementioned control panels have been recommended partly due to the fact that they facilitate smooth migration of websites in the event the need emerges.

4. Access to the Data Center

Rarely there may be a requirement to have an access to your server physically. This usually entails higher cost due to security clearance that must occur every time you visit the data center. You may want to check where the hosting provider data centers is the closes to you as this may be one of the decision factors while choosing the most appropriate dedicated hosting provider for you.