Email Archiving – The backbone of any firm is its information exchange route which involves a business email communication channel. Data exchanged via this system is extremely sensitive and needs to be protect securely Only then a company can safeguard its intellectual assets and provide supporting documentation for user cases. With SYS IT, your company can archive crucial email data and also benefit from an on-demand access policy.


Pro-Active Support

With 24x7x365 support for email archiving, we focus on customer satisfaction and ensure the service you have with us always receive the best support.

Full Email Backup

Equip your corporate email service with a disaster recovery option when all incoming and outgoing messages are backup to a secure location.

Email Retention

Implement email archiving with no software downloads. You get 1GB of email archiving space and there is no limit to further space upgrading.

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing Email

SYS IT archiving automatically saves all inbound and outbound messages. You can instantly search and view messages via our specialized web-mail.

SYS IT offers the most comprehensive market solutions in terms of performance, stability, functionality and simplicity to meet the specific email archiving.