Hosted Exchange – As specialists in business IT solutions and networks, SYS IT understands that business clients are different from consumers and require a different type of Internet service, being reliable yet flexible, efficient and economical and one which, in the event of trouble, will get you running again as a matter of priority, and doesn’t send you to a busy call Centre when you need help most.

Furthermore SYS IT Hosted Exchange is an affordable, premium email service that provides you and your staff with the ability to communicate better and work smarter, which can substantially improve the way your business operate


Outlook IntegrationOutlook Integration

certainly Outlook integration services transform your company’s email into a secure and efficient system. Outlook integration melds together a variety of features into one platform so your employees can work together collaboratively and even remotely. Outlook integration makes your company’s email, calendar, and instant messaging functions into one neat and efficient package.

Web-Based AdministrationWeb-Based Administration

Hence Web-based access to Hosting Control Panel (CP) for configuration and administration of Hosted Exchange services, including mailboxes, user settings, distribution lists, and the ability to order add-on services directly from the Hosting CP. Similarly It includes support for email forwarding; distribution lists (internal and external); resources (additional mailbox fee); password management; email aliases; mailbox storage management; manage send-as rights; manage public folders.


POP Email ( POP is the standard email that internet service providers (ISPs) supply to customers as part of their internet connection service (eg. johnsmith@xxxx, and is also the basic form of email typically included in the services offered by web hosting and domain name companies (eg. johnsmith@his

POP Email
  • Consumer-grade product.
  • Important data stored on each local PC, which increases the risk of data loss via PC failure or theft.
  • No centrally-managed anti-virus or anti-spam filtering included.
  • Email only.
  • Limited accessibility when out of the office.
  • Limited technical support.
Hosted Exchange
  • Business-grade product.
  • Data stored on each local PC and on servers at SYS IT, with regular off-site backup to help to reduce the risk of data loss.
  • Comprehensive built-in protection against viruses and spam.
  • Access Email, Contacts, Calendar, Public Folders, Archive Folders, Meeting Planner and Task Lists when away from the office.
  • Share Emails, Contact lists, Calendar schedules and documents that need to be accessed by a variety of people at various times using the Public Folder facility.
  • Noteworthy 24 x 7 telephone technical support.
  • Hosted Exchange allows you and your staff to access their mailbox from a variety of locations at any time of the day


POP3/IMAP Access

Access email via POP3/IMAP

Webmail (OWA)

So Access your email anywhere with a web browser and OWA

Spam Protection

Enterprise grade anti-spam protection

Shared Calendars

Share calendars (with your permissions) to other staff. See when your colleagues are free and book meetings.

Shared Tasks & Notes

Power collaboration by sharing your notes and tasks with co-workers

Mailbox Delegation

Allow another user to manage your email and calendar