We Tailor-Make Websites, Web Applications and Enterprise Systems To Fit Your EXACT Business Needs!

SYS IT is a company, with more than a decade of accumulated experiences in providing custom application development, web development, and system integration services.

This industry experience, combined with our expertise in the latest Web technology, enables us to successfully adapt to our clients’ diverse needs and makes

Hence SYS IT is the ideal choice for your web development, application development, and system integration partner.



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Our Application Development Process:

1. Client Requirement Analysis

Everything starts with an idea, so let us know what you have in mind! The team will analyze the whole process and come out with a workflow.


2. Solution Proposal

Therefore a full-scale proposal along with the workflow summary will be provided. As we value transparency, we will also provide the full costing of entire project.


3. Initialisation of Project

Our UI/UX designers will begin researching on other mobile app of your preference, such as application layouts, colours, functions and etc.


4. Wireframe Design

The User Experience (UX) team will produce a detailed wireframe explaining the entire mobile application process flow.


5. User Interface (UI)

Also design mock ups would be done by our UI design team. In order to ensure design satisfaction, our design engineers would be working closely with you.


6. Development

While in this stage, our SYS IT developer will work on building your masterpiece from back-end to front-end based on wireframe and UI design created.


7. Integration of Payment System

After the design and development process, So our team will integrate the payment system that will work best for your business, i.e. MOLpay, PayPayl, etc.


8. Testing & Troubleshooting

Consequently Application would be testing thoroughly to make sure that it is ready to be published officially for public view.


9. Product Catalogue Publishing

(If needed) No matter the amount and categories of products, our team will upload it accordingly onto the application for easy browsing.


10. Deployment

Congratulations! After all that process, your application is finally ready to go live, and to be uploaded onto the application store.


11. Application Store

Furthermore once is application is live and uploaded onto the app store, it would be available for the general public to view and download it.


12. Support & Maintenance

Above all we will assist you on how to make changes manually into the application. To ease our client’s mind, we provide free maintenance up to 6 months.