Planning and streamlining your deployment, upgrading software, or managing, evaluating and maturing your security posture, they provide unrivaled experience, expertise, and industry intelligence. From security health checks and risk assessments to on-site residency services, Symantec Consultants work with you to pull the maximum value and protection from your security investment.

The Symantec Difference

Symantec Consulting Services provide the experience, expertise and industry intelligence to help you better architect, design, implement and optimize your security software, people and processes. Whether in information protection or threat protection, Symantec Consultants not only guide you toward solutions that meet your business goals, but also leave you with the knowledge to maintain and mature your security environment once they’ve gone.

Information Protection

Symantec Consultants have years of experience implementing data loss prevention, encryption and authentication solutions for many customers in a variety of industries.

Threat Protection

Symantec Consultants work closely with our customers to design and implement solutions to increase visibility into threats so you can protect and defend your enterprise’s most valuable information assets.

Web and Cloud Protection

Symantec Consultants support the efficient and rapid deployment of Web and Cloud Protection solutions, using a combination of proven tools, technical experts, and best support

Uncover Advanced Threats Across Endpoint, Network and Email

Uncover the stealthiest threats that would otherwise evade detection by using global intelligence from one of the world’s largest cyber intelligence networks combined with local customer context

  • Best detection and accuracy in protecting against advanced persistent threats*
  • Identify whether your organization is under targeted attacks and automatically search for Indicators-of-Compromise with Dynamic Adversary Intelligence
  • Detect and investigate suspicious events via unique sand boxing and payload detonation capability

SYS IT Provides Premium Support

Equip your enterprise with a single point of accountability and security expertise when and where you need it.