Software Licensing

Software licensing schemes can often be complex and have multiple different payment options.  If you select the wrong licenses you could potentially waste money, not have the right coverage or be in breach of the licensing agreement.

Depending on how your organisation operates, there may multiple different licensing and payment options, and it can be very confusing as to what licenses you need to get. Some products can be licensed based on a user count, and some software is licensed by how many devices it is installed on.

The team at SYS IT can help you find the best deal. Some software vendors offer discounts for academic and charitable institutions and some software can be licensed on a monthly payment plan, instead of a large up-front payment.

Some licenses allow you to upgrade your software when new versions are released, which keeps you up-to-date. If you need to acquire new software for your organisation let our team of experts point you in the right direction. With over 15 years experience in software licensing and procurement, our team has the knowledge to help you select the right software.

SYS IT are a Microsoft Partner and can help you find the right licensing scheme for your organisation. In addition to Microsoft products, we can procure software from other vendors, including StorgageCraft, Cisco Systems and Acronis.