Cyberoam on-Cloud Management Service (CCMS) offers a simple, cost-effective way for partners to manage hundreds of Cyberoam appliances for multiple customers from a single interface, anywhere, anytime.

This reduces support costs for partners, also improving your bottom line. So partners can have their own Security Operations Center (SOC) on the Cloud at zero investment, with a data center and web portal to manage customer appliances.

Key Highlights

Security Operations Center (SOC) at zero investment –

Establish your own Security Operations Center (SOC) on the Cloud at zero investment, with a data center and web portal to manage customer appliances, with CCMS.

Reduced Support Cost and Time –

CCMS saves time and efforts in managing day-to-day security of existing customers, So leaving you with more time to focus on developing your security business. Resolve security issues and troubleshoot customer appliances over the Internet with CCMS. Therefore upgrading firmware and signatures for customer appliances at one go, and maintain configuration back-ups.

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How Cyberoam’s on-Cloud Management Service adds value to your business?


Real-time Security Management –

Offer real-time protection against zero-hour threats across multiple customer networks with CCMS’ centralized policy creation and implementation. Even more centrally manage and secure individual or group of Cyberoam appliances dispersed geographically, by models, by firmware versions, and by service subscriptions.

Adding Speed to security –

Due to the lack of granular identity features, IT teams often waste time in knowing source of attacks and attackers in case of a security incident.

Security in Wi-Fi environments –

Cyberoam secures organizations in dynamic Wi-Fi environments where it’s not easy to trace users by IP addresses alone. It offers strong user authentication.

Boosting productivity –

Hence Cyberoam’s content and application filtering feature manages indiscriminate Internet surfing by users through custom policy setting for users and groups.

Create new Revenue Streams –

While CCMS provides you the opportunity to offer managed services to your customers at a fee and get into a recurring revenue business model.

Easy Infrastructure Scale-up –

Even more Cyberoam helps Easily scale up your infrastructure to support more Cyberoam appliances as your customer base grows.

Reliable 24×7 support –

So we offer uninterrupted support services to your customers from any place and any device, over the Internet.


  • Identification of attackers/victims with username
  • Instant visibility for administrators into source of attacks
  • Controlling who is doing what in the network
  • Allowing creation of identity-based policies
  • Reporting to track identity-based usage, problems, intrusions and so forth.