SeaFile Cloud (File Sync And Share)

Seafile is an enterprise file hosting platform with high reliability and performance. Put files on your own server. Sync and share files across different devices, or access all the files as a virtual disk.

 Seafile Features

Reliable File Syncing

Organize files into libraries. A library can be selectively synced into any device. Reliable and efficient file syncing improves your productivity.

Drive Client

Access files in the cloud in local S: drive without syncing them. Extends the local disk space with the massive storage capacity on the server. Files can be used offline too.


Built-in File Encryption

A library can be encrypted by a password choosen by you. Files are encrypted before syncing to the server. Even the system admin can’t view the files.


High Performance

The core of Seafile server is written in C programming language. It is small and has a fantastic performance..


Easy to Upgrade

Upgrade can be done via running a simple script within a few seconds. Seafile records very few items in database. No huge database upgrade is needed


Enterprise Ready

AD/LDAP integration, group syncing, fine-grained permission control make the tool easily applied to your enterprise environment.

Your Data Safety is our first Priority


Writing a syncing tool that works on extreme situations and guarantees no data loss is not easy. Seafile focus on providing a reliable syncing tool.

With over 3 years polishing and used by hundreds of thousands of people, Seafile’s syncing algorithm is quite stable and reliable. File histories and library snapshots enable you to easily recover any file or folder in the history.