Operations Management System (OMS)

Operational Management System (OMS) is supposed to come in to play, suturing and marrying together the collection of processes, expectations and requirements for the successful and holistic management of a business.

IT organizations around the globe are continuously striving to break the traditional paradigms, as the reliance on IT operations increases. Companies are compelled to rethink their operations strategy to ensure that their technology readiness level can meet future business challenges.

Operations Management System (OMS) Features:

Marketing Management

Create e-mail campaigns and track, manage, and optimize organization-wide marketing efforts from SYS IT OMS.

Customer Management

Track all Customers and related Contacts, Opportunities, cases, and other details from a common repository.

Salesforce Management

When an opportunity matures or if the quote is accepted, transform it into an Sales Order -> Delivery Order -> Invoice and send it in just a click.

Project Management

Whether you’re working on a small project, or big project for a customer, our project management tools can help you get it done more collaboratively and faster.

Vendor Management

Mange all Vendors and related Contacts, products, services, and other details from a common repository.

Purchase Management

When an Purchase Requisition and Vendor approved, transform it into an Purchase Order and send it in just a click.

Inventory Management

OMS inventory management system stores all of your products and services, including quantities, descriptions, pictures, prices, serial numbers and more.

Many More

Staff, Activity, Asset, Security, Finance Mangement, Reports, Productivity Addons and Workflows.

OMS is a Power-full application that combination of both Customer Relationship Management(CRM) and Procurement Management System(PMS)