The Argent Guardian Ultra is the world’s most scalable monitoring solution for all Windows, Linux, UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, SCO, Solaris) and iSeries Servers. Using a patented agent-optional architecture, the Argent Guardian Ultra Monitors Servers with or without installing agents, providing the power and flexibility to define the monitoring architecture to match customers’ exact needs.

The Argent Guardian Ultra monitors the health and performance of servers and when issues arise, alerts are executed via the Argent Console. The Argent Console can be viewed using both a traditional GUI interface, as well as a web-based interface.

Over a dozen different types of alerts can be executed using the Argent Console, such as alphanumeric paging, email and SMS. Argent also can take corrective measures such as restarting stopped or stalled services and even rebooting servers.

As a result, IT personnel are notified and issues are addressed automatically before end users even know problems exist. Argent makes SLA commitments easy to meet.



  • Government regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA are changing the ways companies do business worldwide. Argent for Compliance collects, scans and consolidates all critical data from across the worldwide enterprise into one or more centralized SQL Server and/or ODBC databases, regardless of the hardware platform. Argent for Compliance can process data residing on Windows, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, SCO, Solaris, iSeries, and SNMP devices.
  • Argent for Compliance is completely scalable, extremely robust and provides a complete audit trail for management. Now, companies can effectively comply with audit requests and initiate internal audits in response to “keywords” and behavior uncovered with a searchable centralized database.
  • In today’s unstable world, it is not a question of need — all companies and organizations require the security of data archiving and reporting.
  • Argent for Compliance provides several features to ensure customers stay compliant.