IT Staffing

SYS IT offers flexible IT placement arrangements that allow clients to have the advantage of overcoming sourcing for IT talents and resolving manpower issues.

IT placement allows small medium enterprise (SMEs) to take advantage of having the benefits acquiring a well trained IT engineer without the drawbacks of sinking costs into hiring process, turnovers, training and retraining.

SYS IT’s flexible IT placement is also beneficial to clients who need immediate and urgent expertise in the IT field. Clients who have short term projects can also tap on IT placements to assist them on a needs basis.


Types of IT Placement

  • Emergency IT Placement

    – There is an urgent need for immediate IT support from an IT professional

  • Short Term / Temporary IT Placement

    – Client have a stipulated timeline and need scheduled or unscheduled IT support from an IT professional for a planned period of time.

  • Long Term / Permanent Placement

    – Client needs an IT professional onsite to perform assigned duties on a long term basis without any breaks and retraining needed.

  • Bridging IT Placements

    – Client is short handed due to sudden influx of projects and needs IT professional for additional help until projects have concluded. Clients may also have an IT engineer who has left the company and need and IT professional to take over the IT duties until a permanent staff is hired.