Private cloud

SYSIT provides businesses with their own private cloud solutions.

Private cloud solutions ideal for businesses wishing to have their own dedicated cloud hardware, either located on or off-premises. This may be due to cost, regulation or strict security policies. We can offer bespoke solutions ideal for your requirements.

SYSIT can offer various cloud system options including dedicated hardware or utilize your existing hardware, so data is physically isolated from other users, and is deployed on your own site as the primary location or using data center locations.

off-premises private cloud

For Businesses wishing to have physically isolated data, SYSIT can deliver a portion of our clustered cloud platform – allowing physical separation of data.

on-premises private cloud

An option for larger businesses looking to deploy services on site to end-users. SYSIT will work with a business to deploy hardware and storage architectures on a customer’s site, whilst linking it to our main cloud infrastructure for redundancy. This works perfectly for larger businesses with existing complex networks.


Private cloud infrastructure is a dedicated infrastructure provided to one single organization or client.

  • Controls: Better controls for data, users and information assets.
  • Cost: Initial investment for hardware is very high in case of an on-premise infrastructure.
  • Security: The cloud belongs to a single client. Hence, the infrastructure and systems can be configured to provide high levels of security.
  • Superior Performance: Normally private clouds are deployed inside the firewall of the organization’s intranet which ensures efficiency and good network performance.
  • Easy Customization: The hardware and other resources can be customized easily by the company.
  • Compliance: Compliance is achieved easily in private clouds.