Reliable, secure and accessible – Our promise to clients who use our hosting infrastructure

Hosted Cloud at its best

Hosted Cloud Offers you a safe operating environment for your IT hardware – we maintain fully air-conditioned, highly secure, CCTV monitored communications rooms that have allocations for rackable servers, UPSs, switches, backup devices and firewalls.

The majority of our communications rooms are on-site, which means that access can be provided at a moment’s notice when needed.

SYSIT has been managing servers for customers for over 14 years. We like to think the way in which we deliver our managed cloud hosting central London services differ to other providers. Each server we look after has a very different requirements. Some of our clients are large IT Support departments that need management for their business critical servers while other clients might require us to look after their business websites



Powerful API

Integrate with our API to quickly spin up, destroy, and control your instances.

Managed Backups

Data is like a treasure and losing it is like the end of the world. This is why all London cloud servers have automatic hourly off-site backups.

Managed Servers

On cloud hosting platform, you get servers that are fully managed by our able team of cloud experts.

Powerful Console

Handling a cloud server is now easier than ever. Our feature-rich Cloud Console offers more than 50 functions on a single click.

100% Intel Cores

Latest generation Intel CPUs guarantee 100% consistent performance.

Integrated Tools

Hosted Cloud ways has magnificent browser-based tools, like Git, SSH, SSL, etc. Everything’s easy to manage!