The SYS IT platform includes concentric layers of security that protect against SYN floods and UDP floods. When activated, our Web Application Firewall provides even more DDoS protection.

Scalable Protection

Capable of neutralizing the largest  DDoS and other volumetric attacks.

Sink hole Enabled Network

Strategically placed sink holes are positioned to mitigate stubborn attacks

5-layer Mitigation

A combination of layers of security provides protection against SYN floods and UDP floods

Low Latency

Geo-distributed DDoS protection is installed in all SYS IT PoPs, meaning no geographic increase in latency


Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) are on the rise in frequency, sophistication and cost. In 2014 alone, nearly 50 percent of enterprise IT leaders reported experiencing at least one DDoS attack. * And once a firm has been attacked, the chances are more than 90 percent they’ll get hit again.

What’s at risk? Just a single DDoS attack can wreak havoc on a company for months, deflating IT team productivity, driving customer down-time, reducing margins, and degrading brand reputation.

Protecting your servers and network – not to mention your customer data, billing records and intellectual property—from a DDoS attack is more critical and simpler than ever, thanks to our DDoS protection and mitigation service.

SYS IT DDoS Mitigation Service is a monitoring service that proactively detects and re-routes malicious or affected traffic away from your network to where it can be analysed and scrubbed, so you and your customers experience no downtime or degradation of  service.

If your business relies on the Internet to communicate internally or with customers, conduct eCommerce, or use online bill pay or VoIP telephony, DDoS Mitigation Service is a fortress against illegitimate activity that could save your livelihood.

SYS IT DDoS Mitigation Services are available to protect customers from attacks almost anywhere. Whether your data is hosted inside a SYS IT data center, on-premise at your location, inside a hybrid or cloud environment, or across a third-party network, we have the right solution to stop unwanted traffic from clogging your network. DDoS attack protection is a perfect companion product to:

  • Internet Port Customers wanting an additional level of protection across their MPLS network
  • Network Customers with assets tied to the availability of their internet infrastructure
  • Hosting customers with equipment they want protected in their data centers or ours